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Solar Thermal Heating

Radworks are pleased to be able to offer a variety of alternate source heating systems including Solar Thermal Heating.

Solar thermal water heating systems are the most popular renewable product on the market today. They utilise radiation from the sun, which is the most abundant energy source on the planet.

Solar thermal flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes are positioned on a buildings roof. They absorb energy from sunlight and, in some cases, daylight. This energy is transferred to a fluid, which is circulated around the system through a specially designed solar cylinder, heating the domestic hot water.

Solar cylinders can provide almost all of a home's hot water during the summer and about 50 percent year round. Supplementary water heating is usually provided via a boiler and a conventional fuel like LPG - with high efficiency models increasing the energy and carbon savings.

Ground source heat pumps use the earth's natural energy to provide space and water heating.

Just two metres below ground the earth is warm, being around 18°C. This heat can be pumped out of the ground and transferred via pipework. A heat pump unit, sited internally or externally, then compresses, and hence further warms, the heat. This relatively low grade heat is released into the home typically through an underfloor heating system. It can also be used for water heating.

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